Ddot Sugarhill acclaimed girlfriend is reportedly a typical girl with no famous background in New york named Destiny. Ddot Sugarhill girlfriend deleted her social media handle after their relationship went public.

The young rapper is committed to a relationship at a very young age. The young rapper is just 14 years old—however, his sweetheart is in her 20s.

Does Sugarhill Ddot Have a Girlfriend?

Ddot Sugarhill is reportedly dating his girlfriend Destiny, a typical New York girl. Reportedly the young rap star is in a relationship with 20 years old American girl. The young rapper has not made his relationship public.

New York restaurant staff informed via an Instagram reel on the Please don’t lack channel revealed information about the talented rapper and his beloved partner. The same video claimed that Sugarhill’s significant other name is Destiny.

In a video Staff of the restaurant says, Like an average day, she was working in the fast food restaurants in New york. She heard a kid rapping loudly, which grabbed her attention towards that little guy. Firstly she ignored the kid, thinking he was rapping randomly.

Sugarhill Ddot Is In Relationship With Destiny As Reported By PleaseDontLack
Sugarhill Ddot Is In a Relationship With Destiny As Reported By PleaseDontLack (From Instagram)

At first, she couldn’t recognize the person because she wore a mask. After a particular time, she realized the kid was no other than the Young Emerging rapper Ddot Sugarhill .according to the restaurant staff, the young rapper was with his girlfriend.  

The restaurant staff was shocked as the young rapper was with a girl older than him. The relationship of a 14-year kid with a mature girl of age nearly 20 is strange. 

The couple had breakfast there. The restaurant staff claimed the young rapper and her girlfriend hugged and kissed each other.

The American rapper has kept his personal life far from the media and public. He has never mentioned his girlfriend in any interview or on his social media platform. His relationship was exposed by the staff of a restaurant in her videos.

Sugarhill Ddot Age

Ddot Sugarhill is a 14-year-old rapper born on March 8, 2008. The young artist’s horoscope sign is Pisces. He is an emerging artist from Harlem, New York. The young rapper is new to the rapping industry. The young American rapper started rapping last year. 

The American rapper got a lot of fans and fame in a brief period. In this short time, the young rapper gained 237k subscribers on youtube and 113.7k monthly listeners on Spotify.

The Young Rapper Pose for a Picture During His Visit at Capitol Music Group in Hollywood.
The Young Rapper Pose for a Picture During His Visit at Capitol Music Group in Hollywood. (From Facebook)

 There is a lot more to learn for the youngster. He has a fan following of 169k on his Instagram handle. Regardless of his young age rapper has already positioned himself among the great drill artists in new york. Age is just a number; the drill artist was fascinated with rap at a very young age.

According to various interviews with rap outlets like No Jumper and PPhilms, it was found that Sugarhill used to rap on the streets of New York when he was just 11 and 12. Through the streets, he got linked with various ruling rappers in town.

The rapper was seen in videos of Edot’s baby for the first time. This kicks Sugarhill’s journey of being a rap icon. In June 2022, the young rapper released his first song to his official youtube channel Sugarhillddot named ‘G.O.M.D.’

The most popular rap on his channel is ‘Evil Twins,’ which he has seen with his close friend Notti Oasama with 505 million views. The talent and passion of the young rapper are the reason for what he is now.

Sugarhill Ddot Real Name 

The emerging American Rapstar popularly known as Ddot Sugarhill real name is Darrian Jimenes. The name sugar hill Ddot has a deep meaning. Sugarhill represents his hometown, and the Ddot is taken out of his real name.

The young artist came from a stable family background. My interview is it known that he was raised by his grandmother, who played a meaningful role as a parent in his life. The rapper is a twin kid of his parent. He grew up in a big family with many siblings but was close to a few of them. Sadly in July 2022, his twin brother left the world at 13.

Ddot Shares a Snap To His Fans On His Facebook.
Ddot Shares a Snap To His Fans On His Facebook. (From Facebook)

TNotti Oasama is the most featured person in Sugar’s songs. The rapper has a good friendship bond with Notti Osama. He lost his friend when Osama was just 14. The two rappers were very close to each other in their struggles and success. 

Coming from such a family, Harlem star has come a long way to success. He has successfully made himself a global icon and a brand in the rap industry.

Ddot Sugarhill Net Worth

As reported in 2023, Sugarhill’s net worth is estimated to be near $300000. The young talent has millions of views on his rap songs. He runs a YouTube channel where he showcases his songs and album.  

From the videos with some views to views on millions, he has achieved tremendous success. Other than that, he performs live concerts, collaborations with rap icons, brand deals, and commissions are the different sources contributing to his revenue.

Sugarhill Ddot(L) And Dd Osama(R) Pose for a Picture With a Fellow Friend. Ddot Captioned the Photograph as the Dreamteam.
Sugarhill Ddot(L) And Dd Osama(R) Pose for a Picture With a Fellow Friend. Ddot Captioned the Photograph as the Dreamteam. (From Facebook)

His significant contribution to the revenue of Ddot is his music. He receives a good amount through Spotify, which has thousands of listeners daily.

As for now, he is making about $80000 to 1 million per year through sources. The young artist is committed to his passion and working in that field. He is learning day by day and improving himself as a rap artist. He has shown continuous growth and success as a rapper.

It is just the star of the young American rapper, as he has a long way to achieve. At this young age, he gained immense fame and identity. He is an icon, an inspiration to lots more youngsters.