Randall Batinkoff wife is his old classmate Hilary Lambert. Randall wife Hilary Lambert, and Randall have been in a relationship since their college life.

The couple has dated and been together for an extended period. The couple is committed and married to each other The years of relationship reached their destination. 

Who Is Randall Batinkoff Wife Hilary Lambert?

Hilary Lambert is an actress and a voice-over artist based in America. The American actress was born in Los Angeles, United States. Her age is between 30 – 40 years old. The American actress is married to a person of her kind, American actor Randall Bationkoff.  

The actress is known for her outstanding performance in the movie ’37: A final Promise released in 2014. Similarly, she has presented herself in many movies and proved herself. The popular movies of her career are ‘the game ‘and’ Head trip.’

Randall Makes a Post on His Facebook Wall on Mothers Day Thanking His Spouse, Lambert, for the Greatest Gift Ever, a Daughter Isabel Lambert Batinkof
Randall Makes a Post on His Facebook Wall on Mother’s Day Thanking His Spouse, Hilary Lambert, for the Greatest Gift Ever, a Daughter Isabel Lambert Batinkof (From Facebook)

The actress has earned fame through her acting career. Acting is the thing that gives her identity and makes her popular among the people of America.

The American actress is married to her college classmate Randall. The couple is married and has a beautiful daughter, Isabel Lambert Batinkof. The couple had a long relationship and had known each other for an extended period.

During Greg Lauren’s collection launch event at Barneys New York Beverly Hills on February 26, 2011, the loving couple appeared as guests with their infant daughter. Per Randall’s Facebook post, the couple welcomed their first child on May 11, 2010.

Hilary Lambert as a Business Women

Besides acting, Hilary is USA based Businesswoman. The American actress founded the American sports bra company established in June 2009 as the best brand for women’s innerwear.

As per her profile on Linkedin, The concept of an American sports company started when she was in her college. At that time, sports bras were unavailable in the marketplaces, but their need was high.

Actress Lambert was an athlete in her college days. She looked up the market for a sports bra to make her comfortable while performing, but she was ailed to get it. For an athlete, comfort is the thing that affects their performance, and playing in the bra was frustrating for her.

As said, necessity is the mother of invention, so she made a sports bra for herself that was comfortable and functioning. The actress wore it for years to gain more knowledge and improve it.

Hilary Lambert Net worth

As an independent woman, the American actress has achieved great success. She is the founder of a bra company as well as an actress. The actress’s net worth is estimated to be above a million dollars.

Firstly she made the bras for her family members and friends and gave them a try. The actress told her friends and family to review the product and suggest to her the factor that can be added to make it more comfortable.

After many years of research and hundreds of prototypes, the actress produced the final product and started the company America Sports Bra Inc.

Hilary Lambert has kept her life private. Being an actress, she has been far from social media and sites. She needs to be seen as more active on her social media handle. However, her life partner actively posts on his Instagram.