Nella Rose is a well-known social media influencer and video creator (YouTuber) with 750k subscribers and 81+ million views from Belgium. She was born on July 20, 1997; now, she is 25 years old.

Now based in London, When she turned 18, her journey began as a content creator. Vlogs, vines, and beauty tips are the content Nella posts on her youtube channel. Despite of video creator, she has maintained her privacy and personal information.

Nella Rose is quite active on the social media platform Instagram where she shares her picture with her fans and well-wishers; Nella has 633k followers on Instagram. Her fanbase is strong and loyal.

Meet Nella Rose’s Parents on Instagram

Nella Rose was born and raised in Belgium. Nella Rose has yet to introduce her parent’s name and their information to social media, but sometimes she is seen posting pictures of her parents on social media.

Sadly, her mom passed away in August 2016. Again in May 2020, she lost her father. Nella Rose lost her mother when she was just 19 years old. The detachment of her parents at such a young age was disturbing for her, but she made herself bold and became globally famous. The closest member of her family who is still alive is her brother.

Nella Rose’s Real Name and Net Worth

The British global star Nella Rose’s real name is Ornella Rose Runa. She is well-known among her fans by the name Nella rose.

According to the Net worth spot, Nella Rose’s Networth is reported as 136.31 thousand dollars based on her content on youtube and youtube advertising revenue. Nella is engaged in other brand deals and additional revenue sources such as stage performance, celebrity marketing, sponsorships, commissions, and others, so it is projected that her net worth is more than said.

Nella Rose is independent inspiring young talent built by her hard work, talent, and potential. Nella Rose made herself a millionaire, a self-made millionaire, at a very young age.

Nella Rose Grew Up With Her Older Brother 

The British youtube star is not the only child of her parents. She has an elder brother, who is the only family member alive. The relationship between Rose and her brother is good. They live happily together with joy.

Although Nella Rose is a vlogger, she has maintained personal privacy; she has not spoken about her elder brother on social media. Her brother is a significant support to her in the sad moment of her life, her parents’ death. Her brother is a guide and support to her.