Lucaine Buchanan is a New Zealander actress of the age 29 years old. Luciane was born on 16 July 1933 in Auckland, metropolitan.

Buchanan contributed to her role as Tripitaka in a television series about the monkey named The Legends of Monkey. She also uncovered her potential for portraying the role of Kennedy Truebridge in a comedy-drama called Filthy rich. Buchanan is also famous for filmmaking and tracked down her ancestry to Tonga and Scotland. Finally, she lived her dream life in LA per

Lucaine got graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in the field of acting. Miranda Harcourt (Lucaine’s acting coach), also an actress, assisted her at the beginning of her acting journey.

Lucaine is a Waitress in Power Rangers Series!

New Zealander actress Lucaine Buchanan ( born on 16 July 1933 ). She is 29 years old but started her acting career in her early teenage years. That was the same duration when she was part of an official series in one of the episodes(“Wishing for a Hero”) of Power Rangers Dino Charge, where she contributed her portraying potential for the role of Waitress. The respective year of that event was 2015.

Buchanan completed her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, her birthplace. Along with drama and acting, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The Auckland Performing Art Center, aka TAPAC, became her first institute where she learned much more about acting. But Miranda Harcourt could not be missed from this section the Lucaines acting journey as she was also the acting coach of Lucaine.

Facts to know about Lucaine Buchanan

  1. Lucaine is a New Zealander actress and an admired filmmaker.
  2.  New Zealander actress started her acting career in her early teenage, making her a devoted and well-known actor.
  3.  Lucaine’s height is not so much in favor of her being an actress as she only acquires a height of 5 feet and 2 inches or simply 157 meters.
  4.  Being an actress, she needs to settle that quickly with her arbitrary weight and has maintained herself acquiring a weight of 49 kg (108.027 pounds).
  5.   Lucaine’s professional domain serves her with a Net worth of around $5 million, as per the
  6.   In her upcoming Netflix Series, “The Night Agent, ” Filmmaker Buchanan created the civilian character.”
  7.   She has been offered the role of Rose Larkin in “The Night Agent,” a certified terrorized CEO.
  8.   2018 was a blessing year for a New Zealander filmmaker as the year offered her breakout to be cast in the popular Netflix series “The Legends of Monkey” and proved to be a prime mover in the entire screen time.
  9.   Power Ranger Dino Charge was her first superhero fiction genre, where she offered to be portrayed as a Waitress.