American Author Jim Cornette’s wife, Stacey Goff, is a retired American professional Wrestler. Stacey is popularly known by her stage name Synn.

Goff, also known by her ring name Synndy Synn, is a retired professional wrestler most popularly known for managing the future WWE Champion Batista under the Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion handled by her beloved husband several years ago.

Stacey began her wrestling career in 1998, which helped her quickly make a name for herself in the industry. As per the Internet, Stacey worked as a valet for her then-boyfriend American author Jim Cornette.

Goff was also part of a faction, The Dangerous Alliance, along with her beau. The faction was inaugurated in the spring of 1987.

During her professional career, Mrs. Cornette was known for her aggressive in-ring style and ability to entertain audiences. She appeared in the WWF as Sister Stacey.

Jim Cornette Married His Longtime Wrestler Girlfriend

Jim Cornette is an American professional wrestling commentator, manager, promoter, and author. His wife, Stacey Goff, is a retired American professional wrestler known by her ring name Synndy Synn.

San Francisco, California-born wife of American author and podcaster Stacey Goff Cornette formerly worked as a manager for her husband’s promotion. She appeared under the ring name Synn during her prime.

Jim Cornette has a criminal record that includes several assaults. The description consists of fights with a fan who attacked him in the 1980s while being a manager. Because of the history, it made Jim sadly left the Canadian border in November 2010.

Eventually, the valet for the Heavenly Bodies, Stacey Goff Cornette, became a professional wrestler on her own accord, participating in the Ladies’ Professional Wrestling Associations.

Jim Cornette and Stacey Goff’s Relationship Explored

Jim Cornette married his longtime girlfriend, Stacey Goff, on October 31, 2007. During the Speaking out movement, the couple was accused of predatory sexual behavior by many wrestlers in 2020.

The Jim Cornette Experience podcast hosted by Jim Cornette also includes Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast. Jim also has a YouTube channel exceeding 100,000 subscribers helping him to earn a Silver Play Button in early April 2020 according to Wikipedia.

Jim Cornette worked for the World Championship, Ring of Honor, and World Wrestling Federation. He was also the owner and head booker of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and co-owner and head trained of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Not only in writing and the wrestling field, but Jim is also into politics and supports left-wing politics. During the interview on Who’s Slamming Who? podcast in September 2009, Jim spoke in support of President Obama’s healthcare reform plans.