Darcey Porter-Cassidy is a fourteen-year-old emerging actress born in London on November 30, 2008. Darcey Porter-Cassidy is just 14 but has achieved success beyond her age.

An emerging young actress’s career started at a very young age, and she was just 11 years old when she began being featured. Young star Cassidy presented her outstanding performance in the Television series ‘Extraordinary,’ ‘Doger’ and ‘Remarkable.’

The Rising star was born in London to Mother Hayley Porter- Cassidy and Father Darren Cassidy. Darcey Porter-Cassidy’s age being just 14, has made her parents proud. The young girl is the only daughter of her parents.

Darcey’s Age and Her Career

A young star born in London is a 14-year emerging entertainer. Young Actress started her career at a young age. Her passion was always acting and entertaining people. She started going to the stagecoach at the age of 7.

When she was 11, she constructively got into full-time Proficient Performing Expressions School (PPAS) in the theater, at hand to Times Square. As her first professional project, she was featured in the BBC show series Doger where she plays the role of the kid character Clarissa.

By 2023, The British Actress presented herself as Ange in the television series ‘Extraordinary.’ her age being just 14, has never affected her career. She has made herself an excellent star of the coming future by conveying her talent.

 Apart from acting and entertaining, she uses her spare time to learn various skills that help her be a good actress and a bold performer.

Meet Darcey Porter-Cassidy Father and Mother

Hayley Porter-Cassidy is the mother of the British youngster. Darcey has not revealed her mother’s profession in public. The youth icon Cassidy and her mother are adjacent and burn through the long majority together.

Like all parents, Hayley is defensive towards her daughter and doesn’t allow the thor person to interact with her. As per the interview and press report, Daecey’s mother takes care of her daughter and the home, and she is her daughter’s mentor.

The young British Actress’s mother is from Woodstock, Oxfordshire; now she has joined Realm and is working with her husband.

Mrs. Hayley is a photographic artist professionally. She has accomplished her schooling in photography.

Darren Cassidy is the father of the young entertainer. Her father is productively betrothed with the corporate areas. He is an inhabitant of Birmingham Joined Realm.

Youngster’s father worked in the Xerox organization from 1990 to 2003. Then he was promoted to the chief and senior Supervisor for an extended period.

Mr. Darren is aggressive towards his work and profession. He did everything possible and made Xerox a big organization. After that, he served as the VP of Worldwide Oversaw Print Administration for a long time.

Collectively both the father and mother of the young artist are protective and supportive. They do everything possible to ease the daughter’s future and herself to be a global icon.