Canadian Actor Caroline Dhavernas has been in a relationship with Maxime Le Flaguais, of similar nationality. Caroline’s boyfriend has been sustaining a relationship with Caroline for many years, but it was uncovered from them the public in 2016.

Caroline is primarily known in the U.S.A. for her alliance with an American producer Bryan Fuller. Just the year after the initialization of her relationship with Maxime, she portrayed in Canada-produced and Canadian- and American-distributed medical drama.

Caroline and Maxime Share The Same Stage

Caroline Dhavernas’s boyfriend, Maxime Le Flaguais, was born in 1982 in Quebec, Canada. The Canadian actor is widely known for the lead role of Alexis Labranche in the Canadian television drama series called Les Pays d’en haut. His emulation in the movie Rodeo was astonishing.

Quebec native actor started his acting career with the name Maxime Côté. Still, later in 2010, he began using his mother’s surname to situate his job without getting contrasted with his famous father, who was also an actor in Quebec.

As per various sources on Internet, Maxim had also secured Canadian Screen Award Nomination for his great roleplay in Rodeo. He has also been a periodic songwriting collaborator. Finally, he successfully governed his first short film named, Ouroboros.

The Pair First Encountered At An Entertainment Event

Maxime and Dharvenas formerly got to know each other at events like Pays de Chole Robichaud and Canadian Screen Awards. They sprinkled with each other at Montreal Canadian for an account of gaming.

Additionally, Caroline is four years older than her better half Maxime. It’s been an excellent flavor to them that they share the same stage of theatres and have a perfect mutual understanding. The other common trait Caroline and her beau own is that they both can speak French, which makes them French-speaking Canadians.

Caroline and Her Boyfriend Both Share the Same Profession as an Entertainment Star
Caroline and Her Boyfriend Both Share the Same Profession as an Entertainment Star. (From Twitter)

During an interview with Pénélope McQuade on Les Échangistes, Dhavernas was surprised when the interviewer asked him about his relationship with actress Caroline Dhavernas. The Canadian actor looked surprised and then shared that he and his girlfriend would like to keep their relationship far from the limelight.

Caroline has been on T.V. shows like Law & Order, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Off the Map, and Hannibal. In contrast, her partner has contributed to projects such as Trauma, C.R.A.Z.Y., Babine, Nitro, and 30 Vies. This also reflects that they have very much in the joint.

Dhavernas and Maxime are Blessed With Their Daughter.

Caroline Dhavernas’s boyfriend propped himself as a father when Caroline gave birth to their first daughter Françoise after about two years of their relationship, per Journal de Montreal.

Maxime once shared an Instagram post of a beautiful picture of her beloved daughter. He adores her daughter by writing “Sao la magnifique!” in the caption section, which means “Magnificent!”. Before that, everybody had almost considered that the couple had broken up.

Maxime Le Flaguais and Caroline Dhavernas Are Happy Couple Blessed With a Daughter Françoise
Maxime Le Flaguais and Caroline Dhavernas Are Happy Couple Blessed With a Daughter Françoise. (From Instagram)

Caroline commonly tries to keep her relationship status private, and the couple there is very little information about their marriage. So, the forethoughts of the couple might only be known to some if it is their Marriage ceremony. However, the birth of their daughter Françoise shocked everyone, and people transitioned their thoughts and opinion to the conclusion that they were still dating.