Brenda Frese husband is Mark Thomas. Mark Thomas was a former sports journalist in the United States. He is married to an American basketball coach.

Globally known American basketball coach Brenda Frese’s full name is Brenda Sue Frese. She was born on April 30, 1970. Currently, the American coach is 52 years old. Brenda is the head coach of the American basketball team. She has served 21 years as a head coach on the National American women’s team. The American coach was appointed as a head coach in the year 2002.

The American basketball coach was a player on the American women’s team. She has played for three years for the team. The basketball coach played from the year 1989 to 1992. Brenda played as a guard for the team. Her coaching made the team strong.

The American coach was honored with different awards. She was awarded AP Coach of the year twice, once in 2002 and another in 2021. The American coach was also awarded ACC coach of the year, fourth-time as Big Ten Coach of the year, and many more. Under her coaching, the women’s team won NCAA Women’s Division Basketball Championship in 2006.

Brenda’s coaching career started when she was injured as a player at the University of Arizona. The American coach volunteered as the assistant coach for the first time .after the graduation American proud coach pursued a career of coaching as her full-time. After that, the occupation of the American coach started climbing up, and she succeeded when she became the head coach.

Brenda Frese Husband Mark Thomas

Brenda Frese husband, Mark Thomas, is a former sports journalist in America. His age is around 50-60 years old. Mark is the support of coach Brenda.

Former journalist Thomas is famous among the people of America as the husband of the American women’s team head coach. The love for sports among couples is their primary reason for being together. Both husband and wife are equally fascinated by sports.

The couples enjoying their times in the beach (from Instagram)
The couples enjoying their time on the beach (from Instagram)

The American journalist is passionate about sports. He worked for a year as a sports journalist in the United States. The American journalist has retired and lives his retired life with his family. Mark served many years as a sports journalist in America. His love for sports is the reason he is a sports journalist.

The former journalist was very good at his work. He has made journalism enjoyable. While reporting, the former journalist acts energetically, making the news enjoyable. The former journalist was seen sharing his love for sports.

The former journalist is inactive on Instagram. He is barely seen posting photos on his Instagram. he has only 148 followers on Instagram. The former journalist has posted his sports interview on Spotify. There he is seen taking in the sports topic with the guest.

Relationship Between American Coach and Former Journalist

Brenda and Mark married each other in 2005. The pair have been in a relationship for the past 18 years. It is not the first marriage of the American head coach. Previously she was married to Steven Oldfield.

The relationship of the American couple is more than 17 years. Both o them have gained the trust of each other. In 2007, The American head coach was pregnant with twins kid. Brenda gave birth to her twin kids on February 17, 2008. The couple named their sons Markus William and Tyler Joseph.

Brenda Frese with her family on christmas(from Instagram)
Brenda Frese with her family on Christmas(from Instagram)

The couple lived together in the united states with their children. The couples are very close to their kids. they have seen posting photos of them enjoying themselves with their twin’s kid.