Brandon Hammond mother Alfreda Williams is the manager of her son’s acting career. She was a significant support to the young Brandon.

Brandon is a former child actor in the USA. Famously known former child actor’s full name is Brandon La Ron Hammond. The American actor was born on February 6, 1984, and resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A former child actor started his career when he was six years old. The former American actor was active from 1991 to 2002. The American actor debuted with commercial ads for Chevrolet and Public Service announcements.

The former child actor’s first movie was Menace II Society. He played the younger role of the main lead of the movie Caine, released in 1993. The former child actor continued his career as a child actor in the entertainment industry.

Brandon appeared in Stranger days and Waiting to Exhale as the child actor. The same year, the former actor appeared as a young boy named Walter in the horror anthology Tales from the Hood.

The former actor acted as the young boy scared of his stepfather. The actor played a variety of roles in his career. He was one of the top-rated child actors of the 1990s. The year 1997-2000 was the peak year of the former actor.

In 1998, the former child actor won the NAACP Image Award. He was presented with the award for Outstanding Youth Actor. The American former child actor was nominated three times for the prize.

Television movie Our America is the latest performance of the former child actor. Brandon left his career as a child actor in 2002. As for now, Hammond is a filmmaker and directs the short movie.

Brandon Hammond Mother Alfreda Williams

Brandon Hammond Mother Alfreda Williams is the manager of a former child actor. She used to manage the career of the youngster. The former artist’s mother used to make decisions on behalf of the child actor.

As the former actor started his career at the age of six. He was unknown of the working process of the world. His mother used to make all the decisions for his career.

At a very young age, the former child artist was innocent and was unfamiliar with such things. He was a young kid in the United States full of talent who was passionate about acting.

Brandon wishing his mother Happy birthday(From Instagram)
Brandon wishing his mother Happy birthday(From Instagram)

The mother of the former child actor has played a significant role in his success. The credit for the grand success of the former child actor is her mother.

The former child actor appreciates his mother’s hard work. The former actor lives with his mother. The child artist has a good relationship with his mother. He posts the photo with his mother.

The trust of the former child actor in his mother and his talent is the reason for Brandon’s success. As the former child actor and his work together, he became a millionaire very young. The former child actor is above 30 years now and can make his decision himself. His mother was with him when he could not make decisions for himself.

Filmography Career of Brandon

Brandon started in 1993 in Menace II society. In 1995, he appeared in Tales from The Hood, Stranger Things, and Waiting to Exhale.

Blue Hill Avenue was the last movie where Brandon appeared as a child actor. Again in 1996, he appeared in No Easy Way, The Fan, Space Jam, and Mars Attacks. In the year 1997, Soul food and Blue Hill Avenue in 2001.

Brandon with NAACP Image Award(From Instagram)
Brandon with NAACP Image Award(From Instagram)

The television career of the former child actor started in 1993 by tv movie Lies and Lullabies. In 1994, he appeared in the Television series Blue Chips Blues.

Again in 1996-1998, he appeared in Dr. Quinn’s Medicine Woman. The former child actor appeared in five Television series and movies. He appeared in Our America for the last time as a child actor.

The former child actor in the united states has appeared in many movies and series. He is settled for now and retired from his acting career.

The journey of the former child actor was very successful. He gave an excellent performance which gave him fame to date.