Alexa Demie’s mother, Rose Mendez, is a Mexican makeup artist and beauty & fashion expert. Rose is also the producer and creator of Wide Awake and Dreaming.

Alexa Demie is an American actress and self-acclaimed singer born in Los Angeles, California. Madeleine (Maddy) Perez is one of her best-known roles in the HBO Teen Drama television series Euphoria. Besides acting, she owns a clothing line called Goddess.

Alexa Demie debuted with her role in the comedy-drama film Brigsby Bear (2017). Then she started in the coming-of-age movie Mid90s (2018) and drama film Waves(2019). Alexa also appeared in movies and shows like To The Moon, Roy Donovan, The OA, and Mainstream.

Rose Mendez started her career as a makeup artist and worked at MAC cosmetics for six years. She gained popularity after her daughter came into the limelight; Rose has taken advantage of her daughter’s fame to grow her brand and name.

Rose Mendez Is a Makeup Artist

Rose Mendez was born on 25 October 1979 in Michoacan, Mexico. According to Celebsuburb, Rose is the daughter of Salvador Mexdez Aguilar and Martha.

Not only a makeup artist, but Rose Mendez is also a producer, writer, and beauty & fashion expert. She started her career in her hometown Michoacan, Mexico. Rose relocated to the United States in the 1980s to seek better opportunities. Rose graduated from University High School in Los Angeles.

Rose Mendez shared the drama of the 80s where her fan compared her with Salena vibes. (Instagram)

Rose Mendez is the producer and creator of Wide Awake and Dreaming Creative Organization which was formed in 2009, and Rose has been a part of it since then. Rose also worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics from 2003-2009 for about six years.

Rose gained popularity and became a celebrity makeup artist through her daughter’s fame. She once worked for a French luxury fashion house, CHANEL. She then continued gaining media attention which helped her in her business. Not only in makeup artistry and the beauty industry, but Rose also has skills in writing and production of music videos, feature films, and independent films.

Rose Mendez Became Mother at 23

Rose Mendez is a happy mother of three grown children. Alexa Demie is the first-born daughter, followed by second daughter Falize Rome and third daughter Tahlia Rose.

Rose Mendez gave birth to Alexa Demie on 11 December 1990 at 23 in Los Angeles, California. Alexa is the most famous person among her daughters. Living in the apartment across the street from a meth lab, Alexa grew up in the filthy neighborhood of Atwater Village.

Rose Mendez congratulates her daughter Alexa Demie saying Congratulations to my beautiful, smart talented girl. (Instagram)

Despite of rough childhood, Alexa created her name and fame in the entertainment industry by herself. She first appeared in a 2013 music video as a video vixen in Azealia Banks for the song ATM Jam. According to Wikipedia, Alexa did not grow up with the best male figures, which made her a bit hard on men.

Rose Mendez’s second-born child’s name is Falize Rome. Falize is a professional fashion designer and Instagram model. She owns a clothing line RomebyFalize which focuses on female wear, especially bikinis. Rose’s third and youngest child’s name is Tahlia Rose.